Refund policy

Our refund policy

Our club policy is that there are no refunds. Payments are not refundable, payments are not transferrable to another person, and there are no alternatives offered.

If you’re unable to attend a sports session

It is up to you to attend the sports sessions that you book. We understand that there can be things that get in the way like illness, injury or transport issues, and if you’re unable to make it then let us know as early as possible and this is what we’ll do… Once all of our empty places are filled then we’ll offer your place for other players to book. Only if we’re able to fill your place then we’ll let you know and will give you a discount code to play an extra game for free. You can do this only once per calendar month, meaning that you can only ask us to try to fill your place for one session per calendar month. There are no refunds or game credits or any alternatives in any other circumstance.

If we’re unable to run a sports session

If we’re unable to run a sports session then we will offer players a game credit so they can book an alternative session, but there are no refunds in this case.

Only if we’re unable to run 3 or more consecutive sessions then we will offer players with a “Single Session Membership” a partial refund of their membership payment, or game credits if they prefer to play at a different session.

How to use your game credit

We will give you a discount code which you can use to book yourself in for another sports session costing the same amount. On the sports session event page, on the booking form, you’ll see a box to enter a discount code. You can book a sports session which costs more and you just pay the difference.

If you’re issued with game credits (discount codes) then you (or anyone you give the game credit to) must book in only at an appropriate skill level. You shouldn’t be dominating a lower level game or failing to keep up with a high level game.

Any game credit (discount code) that we issue will be valid for 4 weeks. You can book a sports session that runs on any day, but you must make the booking within 4 weeks from the date the discount code is issued to you.