Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have spaces available at a particular adult/kids sports session?
You can check for places by going to the sports page for adults or kids, select the sport, select the session, and on that page it will state if there are places available. And you can go ahead and book your place there.
Do you do individual coaching for adults/kids?
No we don't do 1-to-1 coaching. We only do group coaching sessions. Our coaches do give individual feedback during the group training.
I booked a place but can't make it any more. Can I get a refund or can I reschedule my booking?
Our club policy is that there are no refunds. If you've booked an individual session then if you send us a  Whatsapp message at least 6 working hours in advance then we'll open up your spot and if someone else books it then we can give you a credit to rebook. Working hours are 9am-9pm every day. It's not possible to reschedule an individual session that was already previously rescheduled, and it's not possible to reschedule a juniors term booking or adults block booking.
What do I need to bring to the basketball sessions?
You should bring a black t-shirt, a white t-shirt, and also a red t-shirt so that we can divide the players into 3 teams. And bring your own basketball ball to warm up with.
What do I need to bring to the volleyball sessions?
There's nothing specific that you need to bring. Optionally, you can wear knee pads and arm sleeves.
What do I need to bring to the badminton sessions?
You need to bring your own badminton racquet.
What is block booking?
Block booking is paying for 3 months for a particular adult sports session. This is normally by calendar quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, etc). This gives you cheaper fees, ensures you stay consistent and committed, and helps our club maintain a consistent number of players at every session. This is for the same fixed session every week, and it's not possible to attend a different session.
Do you have monthly or annual membership?
We have quarterly block booking for adult sports sessions, and children's sports class term bookings are in line with the local council's school term dates. We don't currently offer monthly or annual membership payments.
If I block book then can I attend any session each week?
No, block booking is for the same fixed session every week, and it's not possible to attend a different session.
If I block book then can I attend multiple sessions per week?
No, block booking is for the same one fixed session every week, and it's not possible to attend other sessions. However you are welcome to book to play at other sessions separately.
Is there a discount for joining with a sibling or a friend.
No, not at the moment.
Is there a discount for registering/block booking for multiple sessions?
No, not at the moment.
Can you tell me a bit about a particular session/sport?
Please see the adults or kids sports session pages, and then if you have any specific questions you're welcome to send us a  Whatsapp message.
Which type of trainers should I wear?
We recommend wearing trainers that are specifically designed for the sport that you'll be playing as they will be designed to support your feet in the correct way and prevent injuries. We advise against wearing fashion trainers as these are unlikely to offer suitable support or grip.


I'm not sure what my skill level is. Which level should I join?
Beginners sessions are for less athletic players who haven't played the sport before or who have only played occasionally, and are looking to join a medium paced coaching session or games session where they can learn and improve further. Intermediate level sessions are for players who have played regularly for a few years, and can mostly play well without needing advice. Advanced level sessions are for athletic players who have been playing regularly in high level teams for many years. If you're still not sure which level to join then make a best guess and we can see how to get on at the session.
Do you do coaching sessions for adults?
Yes, we have adult coaching sessions for all of our sports. Go to the adults sports page and in the list of sessions you'll find the coaching sessions.
Do you hire out badminton racquets?
No, you need to bring your own badminton racquet. It's not possible to rent or borrow one from us. You can buy a racquet (racket) from a local sports store for £10+.
Do you provide shuttlecocks at the badminton sessions?
Yes we provide shuttlecocks at our badminton sessions. You're welcome to bring your own shuttles if you want to play with a specific type.
Do you play with feather or plastic shuttlecocks at the badminton sessions?
We play with Yehlex Club feather shuttlecocks at some sessions and we have Yonex 600 fast plastic shuttles at other sessions. The Yonex 600 fast shuttles fly similar to feather shuttles. You can see type of shuttles on each session booking page.
Do I need to bring a partner to play with at the badminton sessions?
No you don't need to bring a partner to the badminton sessions. You can come to play by yourself and you'll play doubles games with other players at the sessions. However if you have friends who would also enjoy playing then you can send them the booking page link so they can book a place for themselves.
How many badminton courts are there?
Normally there are 4 courts at all badminton sessions, unless otherwise stated on the booking page.
Do you play singles or doubles at the badminton sessions?
Normally we play doubles, however if players are not waiting to play then you're welcome to play a singles game.
Can I watch a session to see what it's like?
No, we have a strict no spectators policy. You can see some photos on the front page of our website and also on our Instagram. Our sessions are friendly and welcoming so the best thing to do is book yourself in for an individual session and see how you get on.
Can I take photos and video clips at a session?
No, we don't allow taking photos or videos at sessions.
Do you play full court or half court basketball?
Normally we play full court with 2-3 teams.
How many players will there be at a particular session?
We don't give out live booking numbers as the numbers are constantly changing and players can book right up to the session start time, but we normally have good numbers at all of our sessions.


My child is almost at the minimum age for a sports class. Can I register them?
You're welcome to book your child in for an individual trial class in the month before their birthday, however they will need to be at the correct age for the class when registering them for the term.
My child is a beginner. Will the sports classes be suitable?
Most of the kids sports classes are suitable for beginners and will be marked as beginner level. However there are a few classes that are only suitable for more experienced kids and these will be marked as intermediate level.
Can my child join the same session as their friend/sibling?
Normally yes this is possible, as long as your child is within the age bracket for the class and is able to keep up with the training, and as long as there are places available.
My child can only attend a few dates during the term. Can I book them in just for those dates?
No, our club operates on a term-based payment system and we don't offer a pay-as-you-go option, partial term bookings, or alternatives for missed sessions. We adhere to this approach as this encourages regular attendance which helps the kids progress in their sports skills and fosters a sense of commitment and discipline. And our club has operational costs which still have to be paid throughout the term even if some kids are away, and all parents must contribute equally to the financial support required to keep the sessions running so we can continue to provide your children with a consistent and well-organised sports experience.
Do you run sports classes for kids aged 5-8 years old?
We're currently only running sports classes for kids aged 9-18 years old. We currently don't have plans to run classes for kids under 9.
When will you start juniors netball/football classes?
We're aiming to start kids netball classes for 9-18y soon, and kids football classes after that. Add yourself to our email list so we can keep you updated when the start date is confirmed.
Can I watch a class that my child attends?
Our club policy and also the policy of every venue is that there are no spectators allowed, and all of our kids classes are drop off. It's better for kids to focus on the training and enjoying the games with the other kids rather than worrying about parents observing them. If it's your child's first time attending then you're welcome to watch the first couple of minutes but please note that taking photos and videos is strictly not allowed.
My child is registered for a particular sports session. Can they change to another sports session?
Yes this may be possible in the first half of the term and if there's space and the session is a suitable age group and level, but it must be a permanent change for the rest of the term. If there is a difference in the number of weeks in the term then you will need to pay the difference. If the number of weeks is less then there are no refunds but we'll offer a credit on your next term booking.


I can't find the entrance to the sports hall. Can you help me?
We are normally busy when the sessions are on, and can't offer individual guidance. However to make it easy for you to find the sports hall entrance we've put exact map links, a photo of the correct entrance gate, and any other relevant info on the booking page so please look there. Most of the sports venues have multiple entrance gates and we should be using a specific entrance which may be different from the entrance shown on your map app. Also check that the entrance is the same as the photo of the entrance shown on the session booking page.
The venue entrance doors are locked and there's nobody there. Can you help me?
Firstly check that you're at the correct entrance gate. Most of the sports venues have multiple entrance gates and we should be using a specific entrance which may be different from the entrance shown on your map app. Also check that the entrance is the same as the photo of the entrance shown on the session booking page. If you're at the correct entrance but the venue staff are away from the reception desk then see if there's a number on the entrance gate or door to call the reception staff, and give them a call. Only after you've checked all of this, you can send us a  Whatsapp message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Are there changing rooms, showers, bike racks, car parking, etc?
This varies for each venue and also can vary by day. See the "Location" section on the session booking page, and there you can see details of all of the facilities available at the venue.
I left my belongings at the sports hall. How can I get them back?
If we find any lost property then we'll normally notify the venue staff. You need to contact the venue for lost property and ask them to check in the sports hall, and you can arrange to collect it from there.


Can I hire a court?
We don't rent out the courts. We run our own weekly sports sessions which you can join here.
Can I speak with you on the phone?
No, we don't take phone calls. We can help you by Whatsapp message chat here.