Block booking


We offer you the chance to book your place at one particular sports session at a discounted rate for a fixed 3 month period.

You can block book any of these full quarters: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, or Oct-Dec. It’s not possible to block book partial quarters, so you can’t just pick a few selected weeks. However you can block book the next full quarter and add the remaining weeks of the current quarter so you can get started at the discounted rate immediately.


There are a number of benefits for you:

  • Ensures that you have a consistent training schedule.
  • Allows you to train and play regularly in a familiar environment, strengthen team cohesion, and build lasting friendships.
  • Guarantees you a place every week at our popular sports sessions.
  • Plan your schedule, making it easier to balance sports with work, social life and other commitments.
  • Stay consistent and committed.
  • Improve and maintain your sports skills, performance, and fitness levels.
  • Help maintain a good number of players at every session.
  • Save money with significantly discounted prices.


Fill in the block booking registration form here and then send us a Whatsapp message here for the payment details. Payment is made in full in advance for the entire block booking period. Once you’ve made the payment, we’ll confirm we’ve received it and will add you to the block booking list so you can just turn up each week to play.


Many companies contribute towards their staff’s gym and sports costs. Speak with your company’s HR department or your manager to find out if they’re able to contribute towards your sports fees or even pay it in full.


  • You agree to adhere to our general Terms & Conditions, the general safety and event-specific details on the session booking page on our website, the Covid safety guidelines on our website and also on the NHS website.
  • You should check the session booking page on our website before coming to play each week in case there are any updates or cancellations.
  • It’s not possible to change block bookings or attend alternative sessions if you miss a session. Block bookings are non-transferrable and there are no refunds if you’re unable to attend sessions.
  • If our club needs to cancel a session (e.g. due to an unscheduled closure by the venue) then either you can request a discount code to book yourself or a friend in for an alternative session or at the end of the block booking period we will offer a refund for the closure or a discount on the next block booking.