Covid-19 information

Restarting sports games

After many months without team sports we're really looking forward to welcoming you back and enjoying some good games together.

Risk management

Please note that sports games can only be run by following the strict guidance and risk management laid down by the government, the NHS, Basketball England, Volleyball England and the sports halls we use.

Rule of six

The government announced on 22nd September 2020 that indoor team sports can only take place with a maximum of 6 players. Basketball England and Volleyball England confirmed that there can be separate bubbles of 6 players as long as they stay at least 2 metres apart and don't interact. We have 2 volleyball courts so we can play 3v3 on each court. At our basketball sessions we'll play 3v3 half-court.

Changing guidlines

For everyone's safety, all attendees at our sports sessions must read and follow the guidelines below carefully before attending every time. The Covid-19 situation is new and constantly evolving, and we will continue to update these guidelines as the situation and government and NHS advice changes. So please check this before attending each session or event.

Players must complete waiver

All players are required to fill out our club waiver, which is a requirement to be able to participate in our sports games. Please see the waiver form further down this page.

Contact details for NHS Test And Trace

We are also required to collect contact details for all attendees at every sports session and hold them for 21 days for NHS Test And Trace in case a player gets Covid-19 symptoms, and there's a separate form below.

Further info on Covid-19

You can see further details on Coronavirus prevention and the latest advice and regulations on the government website and the NHS website.

Terms & conditions

We need to keep our players, coaches, referees, volunteers, spectators and other personnel safe. By playing at our games or attending our games or events you agree to participate in a friendly, co-operative and sensible manner and adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Covid-19 guidelines

This will be updated regularly as government & NHS guidance evolves, so please check this before every session:

Covid-19 officer

Each sports session has a session leader who is also the Covid-19 officer. They are responsible for ensuring that all players understand and follow this guidance, and they will ensure that every player has filled out the waiver form on this page and has sumbitted their contact details below for the NHS Test And Trace.

Pre-attendance symptom check

Before attending, consider whether you or someone you live with have any Covid-19 symptoms including: a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of (or change to) your sense of smell or taste. If so, please do not attend.

High risk

If you or someone you live with have underlying health conditions, diabetes, are pregnant, are considered high risk, have been severely affected by Covid-19, or have been in contact with any person suspected to have Covid-19, or have been advised to self-isolate as per NHS or government guidance then please do not attend. Click here for info.

Outside of sports

Please comply with public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour outside the sports setting to reduce the risk to fellow players when you do attend.

Travel to sports

Please follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and limiting car sharing unless from a household or support bubble. Walking or cycling is recommended.

Changing & showers

Please arrive at the sports hall already changed if possible, and shower at home afterwards.

One-way systems & bottlenecks

Look out for signs at the sports halls which may help social distancing by indicating a one-way system or helping to avoid bottlenecks.

Personal protective equipment

Please wear a face mask when not playing on court, and bring your own alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel. There will be breaks every 20 minutes to allow players to clean their hands.

Social distancing off court

Keep 2 metres away from other players when arriving at the sports hall, whilst waiting for the session to start, during breaks, and when leaving. Do not sit closely or share benches or chairs. Bring water in labelled or highly distinguishable bottles, and do not share drinks.

Social distancing in play

During play please avoid handshakes, huddles, face-to-face confrontation and scoring celebrations.

General safety & hygiene

Wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, cough or sneeze into a tissue and bin it safely, or into your arm if a tissue is not available. Bin empty bottles, used tissues, and other rubbish so nobody else comes into contact with it.


Please do not shout or raise your voice before, during, or after games as shouting increases the risk of Covid-19 transmission.


Neither players nor session leaders should use a whistle or whistle with their mouth as this also increases the risk of Covid-19 transmission.


Where permitted, the sports hall doors should be kept open to allow air to flow through as this is important to reducing transmission of Covid-19.

Fomite transmission

Sports balls should be cleaned with Antibacterial spray or gel at the start of the session and then every 20 minutes. To reduce equipment sharing, please bring your own ball to warm up with.

Injury treatment

For minor cuts either the session leader or the school caretaker can provide a plaster, but for anything more serious players should go to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance. If contact is required to assist a player or to clean up any blood then first wash your hands and wear a face mask, and afterwards wash your hands again.

Wiping sweat from floor

If a player leaves a sweat patch on the floor then whoever dries it up should first wear a face mask and wash or sanitise their hands, then dry the sweat with a clean towel or tissue, dispose of used tissues, then wash or sanitise hands afterwards.

Adaptation of game rules

Game rules do not need to be changed as the duration of face-to-face interactions are deemed to be brief and not accumulating above 15 minutes.


Until further notice, spectators are strictly not allowed at any of our sports sessions. You can ask friends to wait for you in a cafe or pub and meet them after the games.

NHS Test And Trace

To allow NHS Test And Trace to contact all participants if a player shows symptoms of Covid-19, you must fill out the attendance form on this page every time before attending a session. These records will be kept for 21 days and then deleted in line with GDPR. Click here for info.

Storage cupboard

In some venues we have a storage cupboard for our equipment. Session leaders (and any players assisting) should clean the cupboard handle and any equipment touched, and wash their hands before and afterwards.

The government's rule of six

The government announced on 22nd September that indoor team sports can only take place with a maximum of 6 players, however multiple bubbles of 6 players are allowed as long as they stay at least 2 metres apart and don't interact. Please observe these guidelines strictly to ensure everyone's safety.

Bubbles of 6 players

Players will be divided into groups of up to 6 players maximum. These 6 players will play together for the whole session. They must not interact, mix with or cross paths with other groups of players.

Bubbles play with their own game ball

Each bubble of 6 players must keep hold of the same ball for the duration of the session. They should not share their game ball or other equipment with any other group of players.

Returning a group's game ball

If another group's game ball comes out of their area of play then please pass the ball back to them with your feet, rather than using your hands. If you do use your hands then sanitise them immediately..

Coming off court

When it's time for you to come off court, please observe where the next group of players is waiting to come onto court, and come off the court from the opposite side.

Risk assessment

You can see a copy of our risk assessment document here.


Please complete this waiver form.

It is a requirement that you complete this waiver before playing at our sports sessions.

Data retention

This will be deleted after the statutory period for any potential liabilities has passed, which is 3 years after you last play with us.

Please confirm all of the following:

NHS Test And Trace

Please complete your details for the NHS Test And Trace

This will allow the NHS Test And Trace team to contact you if a player you've been in contact with becomes unwell with suspected Covid-19.

In such circumstances, we will share with NHS Test And Trace: your full name, phone number, which session you played at and on which date.