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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PlayFit?

PlayFit is a social sports club for adults, organising weekly sports games and social events.

Where are the sports games held?

We have sports games at various venues across London, primarily in Wimbledon (south-west) and Marylebone (central). To see the exact address please go to the Sports page and request to join our meetup group, and when you're accepted you'll be able to see the full details and book your place to play.

Which sports do you play?

We play basketball, volleyball, netball, football, dodgeball and badminton. Go to the Sports page to see our current weekly sports schedule.

Do you run or play in leagues or competitions?

We don't currently run or play in leagues or competitions. We run weekly social sports sessions for beginners, intermediate experienced players, and high level advanced players. We do aim to start sports leagues as well.

Do you have women-only games?

All of our sports games are mixed and are suitable for both men and women, except for netball which is for women only.

I'm a complete beginner; can I play with you?

Yes, beginners with good co-ordination and good team spirit are welcome to play. We have some coaching sessions for beginners. Send us a message and we'll get you started.

Do you have a coaching classes so I can improve?

Yes we currently have volleyball coaching sessions for beginners and intermediate players, and we add coaching for the other sports when there's demand.

What rules do you play by?

We play by official UK rules, however as all of our sports games are social we may adjust some rules to keep our games flowing and friendly.

How much does it cost to play?

Each of our sports sessions has its own separate costs. Please see the Sports page.

Can I just turn up?

No, we limit the number of players at each game and you must book your place online in advance. If you want to play regularly at a particular sports sessions then you can become a member of that session and then your place is guaranteed every week and can just turn up.

Can I get a place to play on the day?

Our sessions are often fully booked in adance but sometimes there are places available on the day. You still need to book online before the session starts as we don't accept payments at the games. Please see the Sports page for details of how to join our meetup group, and once you're accepted into the group you can check for available spots and book your place.

Do I have to play every week?

Most of our players play every week, however you can choose to play as often as you like. If you want to play occasionally then you can book your place through our meetup group, and if you want to play every week then you should become a member to guarantee your place. See the Sports page for details.

How can I book a place for a particular game?

Go to the Sports page, and you'll see details of our meetup group. Request to join the group, and once you're accepted you can see the full details of our games and available places, and you can book your place there using a bank card or PayPal.

I'm under 18; can I play?

We don't accept players under 18, however you're welcome to come and play after your 18th birthday.


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